Underwear: Electric-Heated Garments for men and women

Underwear: Electric Heated Garments for men and womenThere is no more need to dress in layers or in uncomfortable heavy clothing, when it gets cold. Today sheer underwear can keep you hot no worse than all that heavy stuff you put on yourself in winter.

Don’t believe? Then listen…

OK, probably I have exaggerated when said sheer… But anyway, WarmX, a German company, launches a line of electric-heated apparel that will keep you toasty no matter what the weather is.

We have already heard about the heated socks, and now it’s electric-heated underwear. Well, the news is a little too late (fortunately, the winter is over), but the ‘hot undergarments’ can come handy at any season.

The designers promise that the apparel from the new collection is extremely comfortable, without those heavy wires, annoying bulkiness and other disappointments. And these all thanks to a new technology used in manufacturing the collection, when  special electrically conductive polyamide thread is woven directly into the cloth.

Additional comfort is provided by a temperature regulator with a microprocessor in the control module/battery, which has three different levels at your choice. The heated underwear is powered by a rechargable Lithium Ion battery, which lasts from 2 to 5 hours depending on the temperature.

That all sounds pretty attractive, though I would think twice before rushing to order the ‘magic apparel’. First of all because… uh…have I mentioned the price? Well, it’s $301 – I am not sure that it is worth the money.

Besides, there should definitely be some negatives about the product. People say that these undergarments cause a static charge that makes your hair all frizzy. And what about safety? The heated socks manufacturers assure that their products are safe from electromagnetic radiation. But WarmX site doesn’t give any information on the issue.

Frankly speaking, I have never worn such things and I’m not sure whether they are worth trying. If you know more about the garments, I’ll appreciate any information.

So far WarmX offers undershirts for men and women, but the range of electric-heated apparel will be widen soon. You may purchase the available garments on the company’s German website

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