Underwear for Senior Sitizens: Thermal Underwear

Underwear for Senior Sitizens: Thermal Underwear

Contemporary underwear market is basically directed towards the young and the active, but there’s practically no underwear for senior citizens and elderly people. But still it does exist in the form of comfortable and elegant women knickers, long or shortened, panties and briefs made of hygienic cotton jersey, and also so called thermal underwear.

Thermal woolen underwear perfectly keeps you warm being as comfortable as the cotton one. It won’t let you freeze on a cold day. Such an effect is possible due to the special cloth structure with a lot of cells that create an air layer between your body and the environment and as a result your body actually warms itself.

At the same time the material it is made of is very thin, and the majority of models are seamless and cannot be noticed under your clothes. One of its main advantages is that it almost doesn’t stretch thanks to the included Spandex fibers.

The other function of thermal underwear (and the first one was preserving warmth) is to drain moisture from the body surface. For that polyester is included in the cloth structure. It wonderfully removes sweat from your skin. It should be mentioned that while coping with the task this type of underwear doesn’t get wet, and if does – it dries up incomparably quickly.

All these features make up the perfect underwear for senior citizens, but whom it can benefit as well? Of course, sportsmen and anybody who prefers outdoor activities to sitting in front of the boob tube – even in cold weather.

There are different models of thermal underwear that are designed for cool, cold and very cold weather and also thermal underwear for any weather whose main function is not preserving warmth but heat regulation.

With thermal underwear you can enjoy your favorite activity in various climatic conditions without feeling discomfort.

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